Apuseni – beautiful Mountains from Romania

Hello dear,

I’m back 🙂 and yes i was travelling in Apuseni Mountains, one of the most beautiful destination from Romania.

First of all i must mention that i was staying at a agrotouristic pension named “Pensiunea agroturistica Danciu”, situated in Garda de Sus. This pension is still keeping Romanian values and traditions and i must tanks to the people who take care of this pension, especially to Alina, who was very kind during our staying, sharing with us her experiences and her knowledge regarding the touristic attractions from Apuseni area.


One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Romania is the Apuseni Mountains and the most beautiful attractions from this area are the following:

  • Ghetarul Scarisoara – the largest underground glacier in Europe;
  • Pestera Coiba Mare – the largest cave opening in Romania;
  • Pestera Coiba Mica;
  • Cascada Varciorog – a beautiful waterfall of 15 meters high;
  • Partia de schi de la Vartop
  • Ghetarul Vartop – known as the Wonderful Cave ;
  • Pestera Poarta lui Ionele – giant 12 meter entry;
  • Groapa Ruginoasa;
  • Cheile Albacului;
  • Cetatile Ponorului – a gigantic karstic tallest goalkeeper in Romania;
  • Cheile Mandrutului – a narrow gorge carved by a mountain creek;;
  • Pestera Gura Apei;
  • Sesul si Cabana Padis;
  • Pestera Ursilor – keeps carcassing of cave bear;
  • Valea Ordancusa;
  • Valea Garda Seaca;
  • Cascada Pisoaia – 18-meter waterfall;
  • Poiana Florilor;
  • Piatra Galbenei;
  • Cheile Galbenei – one of the wildest gorges of the Apuseni – includes Fan Waterfall;;
  • Lumea pierduta – platou carstic împădurit;
  • Ghetarul Focul Viu – at midday ice and sunlight creates a fascinating cave;
  • Cascada Rachitele;
  • Pestera Dracoaia – funnel shape from   Sighistelului Valley;
  • Izbucul Tauzului – underpass deepest immersed in Romania – 85 m;
  • Izbucul Cotetul Dobrestilor – small izbuc near Valea Garda Seaca
  • Izbucul Galbenei – It is surfacing downstream of water that creates the famous Keys Galbenei;
  • Avenul Bortig.


These are just some attractions from this area, but Apuseni offer much more then this, so many beautiful landscapes, flowers, animals which you can find in your way and you will discover that you are in a wild place where human has not build yet any kind of buildings.

Foto: A Mountainlover


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